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Trend range of products are manufactured to the strict international standards and codes of practices in factories having international quality assurances of EN ISO 9001 and other relevant certifications.

Local representatives are trained and always ready to assist the architects, designers, specifiers and clients alike in selecting the appropriate door hardware for projects as per the location, aesthetic appeal and th e budget to fit the cost of the project. Of all the components that go into a building door hardware needs to be most appropriately selected as this has to satisfy the clients and the property users security and peace of mind. This aspect has been specially kept in mind while developing every item in this prestigious range of architectural and decorative hardware. We have been striving to provide the best quality products at most competitive prices by avoiding middlemen between the factory and the clients. Most of the products you see with Trend brand are guaranteed for 5 (Five) to 10 (Ten) years (Depending on the product selected) to the end user from the date the items are purchased.

By specifying Trend brand you can be at peace and assurance that you have opted for Quality & Reliability.